Cornerstone Yearbook

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Cornerstone Yearbook 2023

The Cornerstone Yearbook 2023 is available for purchasing and will be handed out in the Spring of 2023. 

We only order the amount of yearbook purchased, so you may want to purchase yours ASAP, so you have one.



School Order Number: 7233

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Senior Reflections 2023 

Reflections are available for sale and there are various sizes and prices.

Please browse the ordering site to see what works for you and order yours ASAP since the deadline is December 2, 2022. 


Past Yearbooks

We still have some 2020, 2021, and 2022 yearbooks available for sale.

If have any questions about yearbooks, please contact Joyce Dedini@



Cornerstone Yearbook 2021
The 2021 yearbook was completed, and we are anticipating the delivery and distribution in Early September. 

We still have some 2021 yearbooks available for sale at under End of Year 2021 Yearbook.

There is a limited supply so if you want to purchase one, you may want to do this sooner than later. Once we are sold out, the ordering tab will be turned off.

For Questions Contact:

Joyce Dedini

209-953-8234 ex 310055