Counseling and Testing

Bear Creek offers a comprehensive counseling program that provides a large number of services for students.  The following is a brief listing of some of those services offered:

  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • At-risk counseling
  • Credit recovery options
  • Academic guidance
  • Testing: SBAC, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP
  • Referral for Special Education
  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Naviance College & Career planning
  • Substance abuse referral

The counseling staff works closely with the staff, faculty, administrators, families and community to provide a supportive, effective and safe environment in which all students can succeed.  Students and families are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office.


Office Hours
7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ms. Nancy Figueroa
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310020 
Mr. Eddie Jackson
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310021
Student Last Name:  A - Dg 
Mrs. Monica Cedeno
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310012
Student Last Name:  Dh - Ki 
Ms. Megan Goudy
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310022
Student Last Name:  Kj - Pg 
Ms. Ren Pham-Peck
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310023
Student Last Name: Ph - Sa & AVID 
Mr. Lee Vue
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310025
Student Last Name:  Sb - Z