Contact:  Landa Tum
Phone: 209-953-8234 ex 310010
Contact: Kathy Shelton
Phone: 209-953-8234 ex 310009

Attendance Policies

Good attendance and acceptable behavior are the keys to satisfactory scholarship and vocational preparation at Bear Creek High School. Parents who spot potential problems are encouraged to call counselors or assistant principals. Parents are reminded it is their responsibility to see that their student attends school daily on time and reports absences or truancy. Online attendance /grade viewing access are available through the Parent Portal in Aeries.

To clear all day absences or when arriving late: Submit a parent/guardian note, (written and signed by parent/guardian only), Email or Phone call to the Attendance Office. Notes are preferred and should include: Student First/Last Name, ID number, grade, date(s) of absence, reason, and parent/guardian signature.  Students leaving early should follow Permit to Leave Policy.  Students who are absent more than 14 days/occasions during a school year will be asked to provide medical verification. If verification is not provided, absences will be posted unexcused (UNX).  Students have 10 school days to clear absences. Late notes received after 10 school days will not be processed, and Saturday School may be assigned for truancy or excessive unverified absences.

*Students arriving late to school should have a note. Students arriving without a note may receive disciplinary action.


Students may not leave without checking out at the Attendance office FIRST, regardless of age.


Excused                                                                  Unexcused                                                                            

-Personal injury/illness                                        -Car Trouble                                                                         

-Medical appts.                                                      -Oversleeping                                                       

-Court appearances                                              -Truancy/Cuts                                      


-Jury Duty