Assistant Principal A-L: Dennis To
Assistant Principal M-Z: Julie Hummel 
Secretary: Maria Delira
Phone: 209-953-8234 option 4


A student may be disciplined, suspended or expelled for any of the reasons set forth in California Education Code 48900, 48900.2, 48900.3, 48900.4, 48900.7, and 48915. Although this Conduct Code lists various types of inappropriate behavior and the consequences, it does not list them all. Therefore, the District will proceed with disciplinary action permitted by the Education Code for misconduct even if it is not specifically listed in the Student Conduct Code.
Students may be disciplined, suspended, or expelled if the conduct is related to school attendance or activity. Jurisdiction for disciplining misconduct, which may occur at any time, includes but is not limited to the following: while on school grounds; while going to or from school; during the lunch period on or off campus; while going to or coming from lunch off campus; during or while going to or coming from any school related activity.
Disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to any of the following: student warning; parent conference; detention; referral to school counselor or conflict management; loss of privileges; Behavior Intervention Program; community service on school grounds; student behavior contract; suspension; expulsion; transfer to an alternative school program; notice to law enforcement agencies.
Discipline consequences imposed will depend upon the frequency and seriousness of the violations.


A student who violates an offense in this category is subject to discipline. A student who engages in such misconduct may be suspended on the first offense if it is determined that his/her presence causes a danger to persons or property or threatens to disrupt the instructional process. A student may also be recommended for expulsion for such conduct on a first offense, if it is determined that a) other means of correction have repeatedly failed, b) other means of correction are not feasible, or c) due to the nature of the violation, the student’s presence causes a danger to person or property or threatens the instructional process. (i.e. Cause or attempt to cause damage to school including graffiti; steal or attempt to steal school or private property, possess or use tobacco or any tobacco or nicotine products, commit an obscene act or engage in habitual profanity or vulgarity, sexual harassment, knowingly receive stolen school or private property; disrupt school activities or otherwise willfully defy the valid authority of school officials engaged in the performance of their duties – i.e. of disruptive activities: hazing, defy or disobey school officials, replica of dangerous object, forge school documents, etc.; fail to identify oneself, false information, cheating, leave campus without authorization; gambling, behavior, dress, usage of electronic device – cell phone; driving privileges, harassment of another person)


A student who engages in Level Two conduct is subject to mandatory suspension. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the violation and the violation itself, the student may not only be suspended but may also be recommended for expulsion and have the suspension extended by the superintendent’s designee. (i.e. possess, use, furnish or be under the influence of a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind; set or attempt to set fire, activate a false fire alarm; willfully cause a major disruption of school activities – bomb threat, riot, gang-related activity; possess an imitation firearm; cause hate violence; harassment, threats, or intimidation; harass, threaten or intimidate a student witness; cause or threaten to cause physical injury; willfully use force or violence toward another person; unlawfully possess, sell, arrange, or negotiate any drug paraphernalia; make terrorist threat against school officials)


For the offenses listed in section VI.B., of the Lodi Unified School District Student Conduct Code, with an additional finding that other means of correction are not feasible or have repeatedly failed to bring about the proper conduct and/or the presence of the student is a continuing danger due to the nature of the act, the principal shall recommend expulsion unless the principal finds that expulsion is inappropriate due to the particular circumstance. (i.e. cause serious injury to another person; possess a knife, explosive, or other dangerous object; possess a controlled substance; robbery or extortion; assault or battery upon any school employee.)


For the offenses listed in VII.B. of the Lodi Unified School District Student Conduct Code, the principal or superintendent shall immediately suspend and shall recommend for expulsion if the act was committed at school or at a school activity off school grounds, or on the way to or from school. The Board of Education shall expel the student. (i.e. possess, sell or furnish a firearm; brandish a knife at another person; sell a controlled substance; commit a sexual assault or sexual battery; possess an explosive.)


First Offense: Parent Conference, Behavior Intervention or 1-5 days of suspension
Second Offense: 2–5 days of suspension
Third Offense: 3–5 days of suspension
Next Offense(s): Suspension, notify law enforcement and recommend expulsion
Minimum: 3-5 day suspension, notify law enforcement and/or fire marshal
Maximum: 5 day suspension, notify law enforcement and/or fire marshal, recommend expulsion
• 5 day suspension
• Notify law enforcement
• Recommend expulsion with additional finding(s)
• 5 day suspension
• Notify law enforcement
• Recommend expulsion from all schools in district for one calendar year
• Extended suspension issued by District Office
• LUSD Board orders expulsion


Going to class without materials, intentionally destroying school property, being disrespectful, disrupting class, not following school rules, graffiti, tagging, etc. will result in disciplinary consequences and possible suspension.


Violations of the following sections of the California Education Code Section 48900 are grounds for either suspension and/or expulsion from the district:
a. Threatened, attempted, or actual physical injury to another*
b. Willful use of force/violence on another *
c. Possessed, sold, furnished, or used explosives, dangerous objects or weapons (including knives, stun guns {P.C.12650}, pepper spray {P.C. 12403.8})*
d. Unlawfully offered controlled drugs, or another substance in place of it*
e. Committed or attempted robbery or extortion*
f. Attempted or actual damage of school or private property
g. Attempted or actual theft of school or private property
h. Possessed or used tobacco products
i. Committed obscene act, habitual profanity, vulgarity
j. Unlawfully offered or furnished drug paraphernalia
k. Disrupted school activities or willfully defied school authorities (includes fighting)
l. Knowingly received stolen school or private property
m. Possession of imitation firearm
n. Sexual assault
o. Threatened or harassed a witness
p. Unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell SOMA
q. Engaged in or attempted to engage in an act of hazing

Sexual Harassment (48900.2)
Hate Crimes (48900.3)
Hostile Educational Environment (48900.4)
* Expulsion hearing required
Students are deemed to be under the jurisdiction of the school in the following circumstances: during or while going to or coming from school sponsored activities; while on school grounds; going to or coming from school; during lunch, either on or off campus.
Upon return from suspension/expulsion, students will be required to meet with their counselor and/or administrator and, if suspended/expelled for fighting, students must participate in a Conflict Mediation session.


Teachers: may suspend any student from class for reasons contained in E.C. 48910/48900 and LUSD Policy 5144.1. Teachers must notify parents on the day of suspension. The suspension shall be limited to the day of the incident and the following day.
Principal and/or Assistant Principals: may suspend any student for reasons contained in
E.C. #48911/48900.
The suspension shall be limited to five (5) days.


Governing Board: may expel any student for reasons contained in E.C 48915 / 48900. Such action, except for single acts of a serious nature, is usually reserved for application where there is a history of misconduct and where other forms of discipline, including suspension, have failed.
• Principal recommendation
• Pre-Expulsion meeting
• Written notice of hearing
• Decision to expel
• Appealing on expulsion action


LUSD Policy 5144.1
Suspensions or other disciplinary action may be appealed to the principal or vice principal within ten (10) school days.


Lodi Unified School District Policy states that students being involved in two (2) fights in the same school year or three (3) fights in their high school career shall be recommended for expulsion. (LUSD Board Policy 5144) Additionally, a student involved in a fight will be placed on 45-day social probation. Students may also be required to sign a No-Fight Contract.
Fighting will NOT be tolerated and may lead to an expulsion hearing.
Please seek assistance when confronted with problems!


Students on Social Probation may not attend any school related event for 45 school days. A school-related event is any school-sponsored activity that occurs outside of regular school hours. Events include but are not limited to: athletic events, cheerleading, drill team, band, choir, drama, school dances, speech performances, after-school rallies, club activities and graduation ceremonies.



  • If leaving school for a medical/dental appointment, bring a note to the Attendance Office before leaving campus to get a Permit to Leave.
  • Leaving campus without a Permit to leave will be considered a truancy.
  • Check into the Attendance Office upon return to campus


  • On Campus – Students who wish to attend presentations on campus must pre-arrange their absence from classes at least one (1) day in advance of the scheduled presentation. 
  • Off Campus – Parents may request a pre-arranged absence for 5 days of instruction.  Examples of approved pre-arranged absences are:  religious holidays, camps, court dates, funerals, family business, or personal necessity.  Administrative signature must be obtained prior to teacher signatures.
  • Pre-Arranged does not necessarily mean the absence is excused.  Please see the Attendance Office if you have any questions. 


    Pre-arranged absence forms can be picked up in the Attendance Office.



    No academic penalty shall be issued due to absence(s) for a school-sponsored activity ifteacher approval is given on the pre-arranged absence form.

    Pre-arranged absence forms are due to the Attendance Office NO LATER than the close of the office (3:30) on the day PRIOR to the activity.  Work due on the day of absence is expected to be turned in on or before the day the absence occurs unless other arrangements have been made by the student and teacher.  EVERY effort must be made by the student to get assignments completed and turned in prior to the known absence.



  • A student may be assigned Behavior Intervention.  Attendance letters will be mailed on a monthly basis for students on the fourth truancy.  If no improvement in attendance occurs, a parent conference will be recommended.
  • A student who leaves class without permission will be marked truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.



  • Poor attendance will lead to poor academic performance and disciplinary action.  These actions are as follows:
  • Parent notification and truancy letters
  • Referral to the assistant principals for a parent conference
  • Referral to SARB
  • Referral to the District Attorney
  • Behavior Intervention Program
  • Alternative education placement
  • (LUSD Policy 5141.1 / Ed. Code 49407 & 49408)
  • Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA):  209-953-8968

Tardy Policy


A tardy is defined as arrival to class after the tardy bell rings.

  • Students will receive an hour of detention for each unexcused tardy to class.
  • Detention is held twice per week and students must serve the date which they are assigned.
  • Missed detention will result in further disciplinary consequences.



    Excused absences are as follows:

  • Personal injury/illness; a doctor’s note is required if over 5 days
  • Medical/dental appointments
  • Court appearances
  • Bereavement of immediate family
  • School-sponsored activity

    All other reasons are considered unexcused.  Students with excused-cleared absences are entitled to make up all work. 


    You must bring a note or have a parent call to excuse an absence. Notes from parents/guardians must include the following:

  • Student ID number and grade
  • Student’s first and last name
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence


    It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher to arrange for make-up work and a timeline for completion.


    An 18-year-old student wishing to verify/excuse his/her own absence(s) MUST submit a completed parent permission form (can be obtained in the Attendance Office).






Students who are 16 years of age and are credit deficient, have attendance or behavior issues, or have personal needs that prevent them from attending a full-day comprehensive high school may be considered for Plaza Robles Continuation School. Contact your student’s counselor for details. Students are accepted to Plaza Robles as space is available.


Students 14 through 17 years of age who are credit deficient, have attendance or behavior issues, or have special personal needs may request the Independent Study program. Instruction is provided to students one hour per week, with the remainder of the student’s work coming under the direct supervision of the parent(s)/guardian(s). Contact your student’s counselor for more details.


The O.N.E. Program is an alternative program provided by the county. This program enables students to become productive members of the community, providing quality-learning opportunities leading students to develop an appreciation of self and of others, develop individual talents, workforce readiness and a complete a course of study resulting in a high school diploma or GED Certificate.