Bear Creek offers a comprehensive counseling program that provides a large number of services for students.  The following is a brief listing of some of those services offered:

  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • At-risk counseling
  • Credit recovery options
  • Academic guidance
  • Testing: SBAC, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP
  • Referral for Special Education
  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Naviance College & Career planning
  • Substance abuse referral

The counseling staff works closely with the staff, faculty, administrators, families and community to provide a supportive, effective and safe environment in which all students can succeed.  Students and families are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office.

Dual Enrollment

Academic Honesty Policy

The Lodi Board of Education expects students to respect the educational purpose underlying all school activities.  All students need to prove to themselves that they can do successful work as a result of their own efforts.  The Board expects students will not cheat, lie, or plagiarize.  Teachers will not ignore or condone cheating, and anyone cheating will be penalized.  Disciplinary consequences up to and including suspension may be assigned.

Graduation Requirements

English          40 Credits                                
Math          20 Credits
Science          20 Credits                                
Social Science          35 Credits
One Physical Science (10)                                                                    
World History (10)
One Life Science (10)                                                                           
US History (10)
Government/Economics (5/5)
World Geography, Family Living, or AVID (5)
Physical Education          20 Credits                                                                    
Fine Arts/Foreign Language/CTE          10 Credits                                
Electives          85 Credits
 All students must have a minimum of 230 credits to graduate.

Course Changes and Credit Policy

  • Students will select their classes for the following school year in the spring.  The master schedule is created based upon the courses selected by the students, therefore, once the schedule is created there will be very limited to no opportunity to change classes
  • Course change requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Students who are granted permission for a course change will have to successfully make up all the missed work for the course into which they transfer and demonstrate mastery of the curriculum to receive credit.
  • Students cannot earn partial credit for courses except for students registered as homeless. 
  • For specific information or further questions regarding a course schedule change, please contact your child’s counselor.

Semester Changes

The following criteria will determine if a change is possible:

  • Incomplete Schedule
  • Graduation requirements

Schedule changes WILL NOT be made for the following reasons:

  • Lunch change request
  • Teacher preference
  • Class period preference


Bear Creek recognizes only one (1) valedictorian each year.  The student with the highest grade point average is recognized as the valedictorian.  Co-Valedictorians are chosen only when points are exactly the same.

Those students receiving the following honors will be recognized in the graduation program:

Principal’s Honors (3.75 - 4.0 + GPA)                

High Honors (3.5 – 3.74)                       

Honor Roll (3.0-3.49)

School Psychologists, Speech Therapist, Nurse

Each of these services are provided at Bear Creek.  The psychologists and speech therapist conduct assessments and provide services for students who are referred by a counselor or administrator.  Parents should work with their child’s counselor when requesting these services.  The nurse is only in-house part-time and therefore does not oversee daily medical needs.  The nurse’s primary responsibility is to screen students for immunization and supervise medical services for students.

Conflict Mediation

Trained student facilitators help resolve conflicts in-house.  Student conflict mediators provide a confidential forum for students to work out any minor differences they have before the conflict becomes an issue of larger concern.  A student can be referred to conflict mediation by anyone; however, any student referred must be a willing participant.

Link Crew

Link Crew is a team of upperclassmen who strive to help the freshmen successfully transition socially and academically to high school.  Some of their services include hosting Freshman Orientation, providing follow up presentations in the freshman classes, one on one interviews and after school activities, both social and academic.


ADVANCEMENT VIA INDIVIDUAL DETERMINATION - The AVID program provides support to capable students whose primary goal is to attend a four-year college following high school.  Students are placed in an AVID elective course where they participate in study skills support, discussions with guest speakers, and field trips to various colleges and universities.


CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION (FORMERLY ROP) - This program promotes success in the work place.  Specific job skills, successful work habits and regular attendance are emphasized during these courses.  Students must be at least 16 years of age or in 11th or 12th grade to be eligible for enrollment in a CTE course.  Classes are generally two periods long and students can earn 20 credits per year.  Most classes are offered off-campus.  Transportation may be provided; see specific class requirements.  Students interested in enrolling in a CTE course should see their counselor for additional information.

After School Program (ASP)

ASP is a place for students to relax and chill or play board games or video game competitions, and to seek homework assistance (a student union environment). It is an inclusive environment where all students are made to feel safe, comfortable and nurtured.

TA/Tutor or Office/Library Assistant

These positions are available to those students who meet minimum grade point average and attendance requirements.  See forms in Counseling Office for specific information.

Honors/Pre-AP/Advanced Placement Program

Students who are prepared to challenge themselves through accelerated learning are encouraged to enroll in one or more of these courses.  The College Board’s Advanced Placement program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school through successful performance on culminating Advanced Placement examinations.  A complete listing of Honors and Advanced Placement courses is located in the Pathfinder.

Advanced Placement students commit to one semester of the AP course and in many cases, are on a contract requiring them to complete the entire year.  Before an AP course is dropped, a conference including the vice principal, student, parent and counselor is required.

Bruin Tutorial Program

Bear Creek’s Student Study Center is a tutorial session targeting students who may benefit from increased academic support.  This tutorial program matches younger students with high-achieving upperclassmen and teachers who volunteer their time and energy.  The program meets during the regular school day, from 9:26 – 9:46 on Tuesday and Thursday.  Applications for tutors and tutees can be picked up in the Counseling Office.

Office Hours
7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ms. Nancy Figueroa
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310020 
Ms. Carol Valencia
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310019
Mr. Eddie Jackson
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310021
Student Last Name:  A - Dg 
Mr. Ivan Tunnell
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310024
Student Last Name:  Dh - Ki 
Mr. Paul Wagner (Substitute)
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310022
Student Last Name:  Kj - Pg 
Ms. Ren Pham-Peck
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310023
Student Last Name: Ph - Sa & AVID 
Mr. Lee Vue
Phone:  209-953-8234 ex 310025
Student Last Name:  Sb - Z