Mission Statement

BCHS Counseling Staff's mission is to "...ensure every student receives the best education and acquires the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary for his/her academic, college/career, and social/emotional development in order to be successful in life."  Every day, we support students in the following domains of needs:  

Academic/Career Support:

  • Educate and guide students to prepare, complete, and acquire academic growth progressively 
  • Facilitate Career Planning/Development with Naviance Family Connection
  • Assist Group and Individual students to prepare for Post-Secondary options
  • Classroom Presentations to all grade levels during the school year

Social/Emotional Support:

  • Crisis Intervention and Individual Counseling
  • Peer facilitation through "Conflict Mediation"
  • Collaboration with teachers, parents, and students and design support plan
  • Referrals to community service providers

Student/Parent Support:

  • Individual and Group meetings with students and/or parents as needed
  • Sophomore Counseling Yearly-review and discuss student progress
  • Senior Conference Yearly-review and explore options for post-high school
  • Refer students and/or parents to BCHS academic programs and available tutoring
Mr. Eddie Jackson
Phone:  209-953-8323
Student Last Name:  A - F 
Mr. Ivan Tunnell
Phone:  209-953-8996
Student Last Name:  G - Mc 
Ms. Ren Pham-Peck
Phone:  209-953-8241
Student Last Name: Me - Reed & AVID 
Mr. Lee Vue
Phone:  209-953-8242
Student Last Name:  Reg - Z 
Ms. Julie Anema
Phone: 209-953-8050
Ms. Nancy Figueroa
Phone:  209-953-8377