PAYING FOR COLLEGE STUDENT RESOURCE GUIDE - Provides valuable information not only on the cost of tuition at a College, but more importantly the current student debt at each college - Government website created to delineate college costs around affordability. - Useful site for financial aid planning tips
Look beyond colleges and universities for scholarships. Educational funding in the private sector has increased dramatically in recent years. Many organizations offer scholarships, including:
  • State & local governments
  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • High schools
  • Civic Groups
  • Church & religious organizations
  • Trade associations
  • Labor unions
  • Political parties
  • Military Associations
  • Private foundations
  • Private charities
  • Ethnic organizations

Monthly scholarship lists are posted on the Scholarship Board in the Career Center and can be accessed on the Bear Creek Schoolloop website through the provided links. Lists are continually updated.
Students can print out applications that are available online by going to the individual scholarship websites posted on the monthly lists, or request printed copies of scholarship applications in the Career Center.
Please note that new scholarship opportunities arrive every week.
Check the Scholarship Board in the Career Center or the school website on a regular basis to keep current on available scholarships.
Online Scholarship Directories Scholarship Search The largest free database of scholarships SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid Asian and Pacific Islanders American Scholarship Fund United Negro College Fund American Indian College Fund Association on American Indian Affairs Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Latino Scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Consortium Gates Millennium Scholars Military Scholarships