Atheltic Clearance Process

Every student wishing to participate in athletic activities for the 2023-2023 school year: pre-season conditioning, tryouts, practices, or contests must be cleared by Bear Creek Athletic Department. As part of the clearance process, every athlete is required to have a yearly physical one time per school year and register for athletic clearance. The physical must be dated on/after May 1, 2023 school year.  Please follow the directions below to complete the online clearance process.

1. Visit

2. REGISTER. Parents register with valid email username and password. Please do not use school email, the district won't allow email from home campus. You will be asked to type in a code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate.

3. Login

4. Select NEW CLEARANCE to start the process

5. Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate 2023-2024

6. Choose the sport in which the student plans to participate- Example: Football

7. Download and print the physical form to take to your physician.(SPORTSPHYSICAL.PDFYou may also pick up a hard copy of the physical from the Athletic Office. Only physicals dated AFTER May 1, 2023 will be cleared. Once physicals are complete you may upload them to home campus.

8. Complete all required fields for student information, educational history, medical history, and signature forms. You must upload your physical and medical insurance card. (You do not need to bring a copy into the athletic office.)

9. Please allow 48-72 school business hours after you’ve uploaded your completed Sports Physical/Health History and proof of insurance and completed all the online portions for the administration to manually review your account. Once a student is CLEARED an email will be sent clearing your athlete. This email confirmation is your proof of athletic clearance. If you do not receive any email after 72 hours please contact the Athletic office at 

Please note: Incomplete Physical are NOT accepted. **Please note that if your student plays multiple sports, you will be required to register for those sports as well. All sports will be open to sign-up during the summer. If you do not sign-up for a particular sport, the student athlete will not show up on the cleared roster for the coach and will not be allowed to participate. 


Bear Creek High school follows all CIF eligibility requirements. All student must have a 2.0 (non weighted) with no more than 1-F to be eligible to participate in our atheltic program.