Student Responsibilities and Expectations

Student ID

Your valid student ID is required to check in and check out library materials; to enter sporting events, dances, and plays; to ride the bus, and to attend other school activities. Replacement ID cost is $5.00, available in Counseling Office – Enrollment.

Clean Campus

At Bear Creek we are proud of our facilities and grounds. We work hard to keep our campus litter-free. Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed inside classrooms. Gum is not permitted on school grounds at any time!

Daily Bulletin

Announcements are made at the beginning of 2nd period each day. Students are encouraged to listen to the bulletin to keep up on campus happenings. The bulletin is also posted on the Bear Creek web page. Click Here

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

Lodi Unified School District recognizes that substance abuse has the capacity to destroy students’ lives; it recognizes that substance abuse is a problem of society which adversely affects the students’ ability to achieve to their highest potential. Bear Creek High School supports families in reinforcing a strong no-use message of tobacco, alcohol, and controlled substances for young people. Consequently, the use of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substances by students and adults is prohibited at any Lodi Unified School District site or activity. Further, any attire, symbol, or paraphernalia that displays a logo or other message relating to tobacco, alcohol, or a controlled substance may not be worn on campus or at school related activities.
Minimum consequences for alcohol and controlled substances include a five (5) day suspension and forty-five (45) school day social probation. Maximum consequences will include the above plus expulsion and notification to law enforcement officials.


Students who ride bicycles/skateboards to school must park them in the bike rack on campus. No one is allowed in the bike rack area except when parking these items in the morning or when picking them up in the afternoon. The following rules are to be obeyed:
• Bicycles/skateboards must be walked to the racks from the street. Riding on campus is strictly prohibited.
• Bicycles/skateboards are to be placed in the bike rack.
• Bicycles/skateboards MUST be locked for your own protection.
• Regular traffic laws are to be observed.
The school and the district ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BICYLES/SKATEBOARDS brought to school.


Riding the School Bus

RIDING THE SCHOOL BUS (Lodi Unified Transportation Division (209) 953-8170)
Riding the school bus to and from school is a privilege which should not be abused. Students riding the bus are under school jurisdiction from the time they leave their home until they return home in the afternoon. Students must comply with the following rules:
• In order to ride the bus, students must provide a valid student ID
• Students must obey bus driver at ALL times
• Students must remain seated
• Students must not shout, gesture, or act in any manner that may distract the driver and jeopardize the safety of others
Habitual disorderly conduct shall be sufficient reason to lose bus privileges. ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY ON THE BUS! SCHOOL RULES APPLY ON THE BUS!!!

Inclement Weather/Safe Transportation

Lodi Unified School district has policies in place regarding bus operations in low visibility (200 feet or less).  Implementation of these policies may result in delay, or in extreme cases, cancellation of bus service. On foggy days, please tune in to the following stations for bulletins regarding bus delays:

Radio                                                                                                               Television

KYCC 90.1 FM                KWIN 97.7 FM                                                         KCRA Channel 3

KATM 103.3 FM               KSTN 1420 AM (Spanish)                                       KOVR Channel 13

                                                                                                                        KXTV Channel 10

Student Parking Permits


The student (south) parking lot is the ONLY location for students to park.  Students will NOT be allowed to obtain books or materials from vehicles during passing periods OR lunch time.  It is imperative that all students who park in the student parking lot obtain a Bear Creek parking permit from the Counseling Office.  There is no charge for a parking permit.  All student vehicles must be registered and receive a new permit each year.  Unregistered vehicles and/or those with expired permits may be cited by Stockton PD.

Students may park in the student parking lot only under the following conditions:

  • The vehicle is currently registered in the State of California with proof of current liability insurance.
  • The student possesses a valid California Driver’s license.
  • The student follows all traffic laws.
  • The student understands he/she cannot access their vehicle during class time or passing periods.
  • Students must apply for a vehicle parking sticker every school year.

Permission to park/drive may be revoked by administration for violations of school rules.  All vehicles must be registered or risk being cited or being towed at the owner’s expense.  Students are subject to the CA vehicle Code and may be cited for inappropriate driving and for parking in the student parking lot without a valid student parking permit.  Failure to follow parking lot rules will result in the following:

  • 1st Offense:  Warning Citation / Parent Contact
  • 2nd Offense:  Parent conference and Behavior Intervention Program or 1-5 days suspension plus notifying law enforcement
  • 3rd Offense:  2-5 days suspension or loss of parking privileges, notify law enforcement
  • Next Offenses:  5 days suspension, notify law enforcement, recommend expulsion

BCHS and Lodi Unified School District are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or any contents therein.  The school and the district will be held harmless and released of any liability arising from the use of our parking facilities.

Off-Campus Lunch Privileges/Permits

The Lodi Unified School District has a CLOSED CAMPUS POLICY.  Each year junior and senior students with parent permission may apply for off-campus lunch privileges. The application form is available from the Counseling Office only during the first 3 weeks of school.

Those students who meet the following criteria may leave during lunch period.

  • Completed application signed by parent
  • All fees cleared
  • No suspensions (either off-campus or on-campus)
  • 2.0 minimum GPA
  • Attendance requirements (noted on application form)

Students will not be allowed in the student parking lot unless leaving campus with an Off-Campus Permit during lunch hours.  Students may NOT exit campus through the staff (north) parking lot.  A student’s off-campus lunch privilege will be revoked immediately if the student is found in extreme defiance.

Guidelines for Students Remaining After School for Activities

Students may remain after school for the following reasons:  tutorial, detention, athletics, club meetings or special arrangements.  Students are to wait for transportation home from school in the student parking lot or in front of the school.  Students are NOT to remain in the hallways, quad, snack area or field areas after school without direct staff supervision.  Students remaining on-campus after school who are NOT involved in the above listed activities are subject to disciplinary action.

Behavior Expectations for Rallies and Assemblies

  • Appropriate respect will be demonstrated at all times, especially during the Flag Salute, National Anthem, or Alma Mater if part of the program
  • No class or group may display inappropriate language towards other class, group or individual
  • Students should channel their energy into enthusiastic support of teams and/or other student groups
  • No objects may be thrown to or from the crowd, stands, or seats
  • Students will defer to the instructions and corrections of all school staff and assigned parent volunteers
  • No sign may be displayed which is not in accord with the rest of the rally/game conduct code
  • Failure to comply with the above policies may result in suspension and/or cancellation of future games/rallies
  • Student discipline rules are enforced at all rallies and games

Behavior Expectations for Athletic Events

  • Spectators should treat coaches, opponents, game officials, visiting students and spectators respectfully as guests
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship at all times
  • Respect public and private property
  • No noise makers and/or hand-held signs will be allowed
  • No back packs or book bags
  • No attempting to enter an event without proper admission

Cell Phones and Other Devices

Students may use their cell phones and ear buds/headphones before school, during passing periods, during lunch, and after school only.  Cell phones/ear buds/headphones are to be turned off and put away during any other time of the school day—this includes in or out of classroom, offices, and library.  Students who choose to violate this policy will have their cell phones/ear buds/headphones confiscated.  Bluetooth or other speakers are banned at all times. 

Other Inappropriate Items

Boom boxes, radios, skateboards, roller blades, water pistols, water balloons, cameras, video cameras, permanent markers, chains, laser pointers, hoverboards, and any other items that the administration determines to pose a danger to students/staff or to the educational environment are  NOT PERMITTED at any time, any place, in or out of class.  On the 1st offense, the item will be confiscated and the student may pick it up after school; 2nd offense the confiscated items must be claimed by parents.  Subsequent offenses will be subject to disciplinary action.  Neither the school nor LUSD are responsible for any of the above allowed or prohibited items that are lost or stolen.


Parents are responsible for the replacement of any school property loaned to a student which is not returned upon demand by a school employee.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Personal Messages and Deliveries

Personal messages or deliveries WILL NOT be accepted and/or delivered to students unless there is an
emergency. We DO NOT accept flowers, balloons, commercial/retail food deliveries or other items for delivery
to students. Please do not arrange for deliveries of these kinds of items to the school as they will not be accepted.
Just a reminder, the office telephones are not for student use unless there is an emergency. An emergency
telephone is available until 3:30 in the Attendance Office for students participating in after-school activities.

Cafeteria/Food Services

Student lunches are sold daily.  The snack bar also has student lunches available along with “a la carte” menu items.  Applications for Free and Reduced program are available online via the Bear Creek website, or at or call 1-888-287-5873.  Lodi Unified Food Service Department is offers On-Line Payment.  This is a free service allowing you to view your balance and not worry about sending cash or checks to school.  For more information, please visit the Food Service Department page at

PE Clothing

All students enrolled in physical education classes are required to dress in appropriate PE attire.  PE attire is available for purchase from your PE teacher at the following prices: 

  • Shorts no pockets $10, shorts with pockets $15. Tee shirts $10 each.
  • Sweatshirts $25, sweatpants $20 each, yoga pants $22.

Students who choose not to purchase PE clothes are still required to dress in appropriate attire but will be provided used, but clean, “loaners” on a daily basis.

The Bruin Way

At Bear Creek, we celebrate our students and the B.R.U.I.N. Way!                   

Be prepared    

Respect Others

Understand Diversity

Interact Positively

Never Give Up

Student Activities Code of Ethics

All students participating in activities sponsored by the school must meet certain standards.  Specifically, the principal must certify that all students participating are good citizens.  In addition, any student involved with drugs or alcohol during school hours/activities will immediately be removed from any co-curricular activity such as student government, or any other school related activity for 45 school days and be suspended for up to five (5) days.  Students will also be removed from co-curricular activities for the use of tobacco products.  With the permission of the principal, any co-curricular advisor or coach may impose rules in addition to these standards.  Please check with the advisor, coach or Athletic Director for additional information.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes, passing at least four, and have no more than one “F” per quarter.  Grade point averages shall be checked at the end of each grading period.  Eligibility shall be determined by the student’s 1st quarter, 1st semester, 3rd quarter, 2nd semester grades.  Second semester grades will determine eligibility for the 1st quarter of the next school year.

School Dances

  • Guest passes may be issued for all school dances.  Students may apply for one guest pass per dance.
  • Guest must be enrolled in high school or under 20 years of age.   
  • All students and approved guests must possess a valid ID for admittance.   
  • All money and fees due must be paid prior to purchasing a ticket to the dance. 
  • No guest will be allowed into the dance without a completed and approved guest pass form.  The completed guest pass form must be turned in to the Vice Principals’ Office two days prior to the end of ticket sale.
  • In the event that a guest behaves inappropriately and is asked to leave the dance, the guest and the Bear Creek student forfeit their privileges to receive guest passes for the remainder of the school year. 
  • Illegal entry or attempted entry will result in student removal from the dance, parent contact, possible disciplinary action, and prohibition from future dances.
  • All school rules including dress codes are in effect during school dances. 
  • Students are not permitted to return once they leave the dance.
  • No one is permitted to enter the dance after one hour from the beginning of the dance.
  • Students will not be permitted to slam dance and/or dance in a sexual manner.
  • Students must wear shirts at all times during the dance.
  • Dance decorations are NOT to be defaced or removed.
  • No one is permitted to loiter on campus during dance hours.
  • Students are expected to prearrange transportation for rides home and to depart immediately following any campus event.  Students are expected to leave within 15 minutes of the end of the event/dance.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may lead to the student being prohibited from attending future dances.

Student Government

ASB meets in D1 during sixth period


ASB President                                                 

ASB Vice President

ASB Treasurer                                                 

ASB Secretary

ASB Sports Commissioner                             

ASB Activity Commissioner

ASB Community Outreach Commissioner       

ASB Publicity Commissioner

Senior Class President

Clubs on Campus

We fully believe that students being involved outside the classroom perform better academically in the classroom.  Bear Creek High School sponsors several clubs on campus.  There are over 50 student clubs available to join.  Please see the Activity Director in Room D1 to learn about existing clubs or to talk about starting a new club.  We are always interested in new activities and ideas!

Student Activity Requirements


Money Due

All dances including Prom

Students who owe money CANNOT participate.

Senior Trip

Students who owe money CANNOT participate.


  • An administrator may exclude students from an activity based on poor behavior, poor attendance

or failure to serve excessive detentions.

  • A cut is defined as an unexcused absence without parent/guardian notification (coded as ABS or TRU).
  • Administration will set the attendance requirement guidelines for activities not listed above.
  • Except for the graduation ceremony, students who graduate at the end of the first semester will not be permitted to participate in second semester senior activities.