School Dance Rules

School dances are supposed to be fun. We hope that everyone who attends will have a great night full of laughter and dancing with friends. However, everyone in attendance needs to feel comfortable and safe during the dance.

The rules and guidelines listed below are for all school dances regardless of host or location.


1) Only students who attend Bear Creek High School may attend Bear Creek High School dances, except for Prom.

2) All students must have a current student ID card for admittance.

3) No admittance after 9:30 p.m. unless arrangements are made with an administrator.

4) Shirts must be worn at all times.

5) Possession/use of alcohol/drugs/tobacco/vape will result in parents being called, a 5-day suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion, loss of all school/social activities for 45 days.

6) Illegal entry will result in the student not being allowed to enter the dance and the student may be suspended.

7) All school rules which are normally enforced during the school day are enforced at all school functions (no profanity, no smoking, etc.). Students who are discourteous or who defy orders of school personnel or parents in charge will be asked to leave and are subject to suspension. Parents will be contacted.

8) Students are not permitted to return once they leave the dance.

9) All school dances (except Junior/Senior Prom) will end at 11:00 p.m., unless noted otherwise.

10) No one is permitted to loiter on campus during a dance and must vacate the campus immediately upon the conclusion of the dance.

11) Dancing deemed inappropriate by an administrator, is not allowed. Students will be ejected without warning or a refund and/or be suspended.

12) Administration reserves the right to utilize a breathalyzer/metal detector. Dances may be terminated as a result of inappropriate dancing.

13) Students on 45 days social probation may not attend any dances

***Administrators will not hesitate to ask any individual(s) to leave the dance immediately if he, she, or they fails to comply with any of the aforementioned rules.***