School Dance Rules

School dances are supposed to be fun. We hope that everyone who attends will have a great night full of laughter and dancing with friends. However, everyone in attendance needs to feel comfortable and safe during the dance.

The rules and guidelines listed below are for all school dances regardless of host or location.

  • Students will only be admitted during the first hour of the dance.
  • All school rules will be enforced.
  • A physical student ID card is REQUIRED. Name and ID must match the ticket name(s) and ID number(s).
  • No Ticket Sales at the door. Tickets can be purchased on the webstore or in person at the student union. Ticket required for entry. 
  • Possession, sale, and/or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vape, and/or drugs will result in parent contact, law enforcement contact, a 5-day suspension and/or a recommendation for expulsion and a social probation for 45 days. (Seniors – This includes being able to walk at graduation.)
  • At this time, Non-Bear Creek students are not permitted – per COVID Protocols
  • Students on an active COVID Quarantine (even if negative test results are shown, are not permitted to attend). An active quarantine means 10 days from the exposure, students are unable to attend/participate in extra curricular activities. If tickets were purchased prior to the event, a full refund or partial refund may be given for the attendee and/or their guest.
  • Students currently on a tardy contract will not be permitted to any school dance. 
  • Students must have a 2.0 or higher to attend any school dance, based on the previous grading cycle (Progress Report, Quarter Grades, Semester Grades).
  • Dancing must be appropriate for a school dance. No sexual simulation (back-to-front, twerking, yiking, booty dancing or dancing against walls or doors, etc.) will be tolerated. Administration reserves the right to judge dance style appropriateness and to break up any dancing that is deemed inappropriate. Students who do not comply with this rule will be asked to leave the dance. Parents will be contacted.
  • Loitering outside of the dance venue is prohibited.
  • Students are expected to leave the dance promptly after the dance has concluded.
  • No “In and Out” privileges are permitted. Once you leave the dance, you will not be granted re-entry.
  • There will be a courtesy station to check in items you do not want to carry. The group in charge will not be responsible for these items.
  • Backpacks, duffle bags, and outside food and beverages will not be permitted.

***Administrators will not hesitate to ask any individual(s) to leave the dance immediately if he, she, or they fails to comply with any of the aforementioned rules.***