About Us

Welcome to Bear Creek High School. Our goal is to maximize every student's learning experience. The current BCHS enrollment is approximately 2,300 students. Opportunities for our Bruins include levels of most core classes, a large variety of electives, AP classes, and a host of extracurricular activities. The Bear Creek High four-year graduation rate exceeds 84%. BCHS continues to prepare Bruin learners for the 21st century by linking the traditions of the past with the challenges of the future.

Bear Creek Profile

Bear Creek High School opened as the third Lodi Unified School District high school in the fall of 1991 to serve the many LUSD high school students who reside in north Stockton.  Beginning with just freshmen and sophomore classes, Bear Creek is now a large comprehensive high school with an estimated 2019-2020 student population of near 2,250.  The student population from our primarily residential attendance area reflects the diversity of our community ethnically, culturally, and economically.  The staff and students value this diversity and believe that it enriches the teaching and learning experience for all.  The school's philosophy emphasizes the ability of all student to learn in what is primarily a heterogeneous environment.  High standards are held for all, while multiple support services and programs have been developed over the years to ensure the ability of all students to meet those standards.  The over 100 certificated staff members are highly committed to the school and to its students, as are our 75 excellent support staff personnel.

Vision Statement

Bear Creek High School students graduate empowered with the academic and personal skills they need to take responsibility for their college and career ambitions and to mature into productive members of the community.

Mission Statement

Teachers, students, parents, support staff, and community members work together to create a welcoming environment at Bear Creek High School that is safe, academically challenging, and supportive of students’ social, emotional, and physical development.  Students honor and share their unique cultural backgrounds to nurture growth, responsibility, and productivity in a climate that fosters pride in diversity. Through a broad offering of rigorous and challenging courses, and with the support of Bear Creek’s extended learning community, teachers inspire curiosity and model adaptive expectations so that all students can achieve educational success.  Teachers also collaborate across disciplines to build relevant and stimulating academic activities that ensure students develop and refine their ability to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively, and create meaning. This process enables students to become responsible, invested partners in their educational and personal growth. Finally, students experience a positive school-wide atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship, school spirit, and self-respect through the celebration of their accomplishments.

General Information


Any person, including parent or guardian may file a complaint, at the school site, alleging a violation of law, policy, or regulation governing educational programs.  A copy of the procedure for filing a complaint under this policy can be obtained at 331-7766.  You have the right under this policy to an informal review and hearing regarding the complaint.  (CAC Title 5, 3950-53)



Hail Bear Creek High! Together we unite to conquer every hardship with all our Bruin might.
Hail Bear Creek High! We put our pride in you. Always and forever, our Bruin pride, our silver and blue.
Hail Bear Creek High! Our strength we get from you. Always may our colors fly our alma mater Bear Creek High.