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Types of Colleges

The College Systems:

Admission Requirements:

  • The requirements to enter a UC, CSU or Private/Independent College after completion of high school can vary drastically.  In order for a student to enter the 4-Yr College System, a set of academic requirements has to be completed (A-G Requirements), entrance exams are required (SAT or ACT Test), and a specific GPA may be required. 
  • The requirement to enter a CCC or Vocational/Technical school is generally a High School Diploma, GED, or High School Proficiency Exam; please verify with the specific institution before you apply for admission.
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Entrance Exams Required:

  • A 4-Year College will require either the SAT or ACT, as part of your academic requirements.  Please be sure to check and verify that you will take the proper Entrance Exam for the college you plan to attend.

What about the Grade Point Average (GPA)?

  • The GPA for each specific college will also vary, depending on the college you wish to attend.
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